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Happy July 1

Sitting in my orange "Every Child Matters" t-shirt--a day of remembrance.

There will be 11 pups offered this month; 8 with Zahra and 3 of Nebula's (that beauty bounding through the flowers above).

It's been an interesting few years but things are starting to look normal...well except for real estate prices right? 🙄

As many know, I have been making the trips to the East Coast for the last 5+ years, delivering pups directly into the hands of their new homes. I absolutely love it out there and so many incredible people. I get so jealous of photos where a Boreal pup is swimming in the Ocean.

Things are going to change a little bit more over the next year. I am diligently trying to save up to buy some acreage in New Brunswick and move. I made my first attempt this Spring but my offer was not accepted (to be honest no one's offer has been accepted by the owner even at asking price 😳). That was an interesting experience because I was told I would have to wait 6 weeks for a response from the seller...and none came. The closing date came and went. I reached out to the agent to have her speak to her again on my behalf...still nothing. So, onwards and upwards.

I've had some great tips by friends who live there about what my search is coinciding with, with accessing SNB to view topographical maps and history of properties. It has been quite the learning experience.

What does this mean for Ontario? Well...going forward, I will make arrangements to bring pups to you in trips as I have done for the East Coast once I am moved. Lower living costs (you really don't want to know my current living expenses) will allow me to finally stabilize the pups costs, especially with rising costs everywhere. Food, bedding, even my vet costs for the pups increased 70%!!!

Change...while ALWAYS with some good 🥰

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