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Meteorological Spring YAY

The sun is warming up, the snow is melting and wasn't Sunday incredible? 15 C!!!!

I made my way East February 27 and the weather was great. Delivered pups to their new homes and met new people. Then I had a couple of days to look around. ;)

There are 4 girls still remaining-3 of them will be going for the 2nd vaccination on Friday and the other, if still here, next week she will get her 2nd set of shots.

This morning I finally managed to get Winnie, the most recent retired mom, to the dog park with Vega. Nebula had to stay home because she is in heat. Winnie is a fancy little girl, very friendly. It was fun looking through her photos and seeing that big smile on her face as she leapt around the park. I had the leash left on her at first but she kept coming back to me on her own so I took the leash off.

The plans for the next round of pups lays with Nebula-so IF I get her bred her pups will be ready end of June for some fun in the sun!

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