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2022 weather seems a little bipolar

Anyone else tired of the rapidly changing seasons we seem to be experiencing daily? Last week's Jet Stream, followed by the Polar Vortex and then an Alberta Clipper tossed their two cents in-talk about fun (not).

There are currently 4 pups available-1 is sired by ZsaZsu (Primrose) and the other 3 by Xavier (Apple, Plum, Papaya). Be sure to check them out as well as their updated photos on the FB page (which I promise to add to the home page as soon as I close this blog).

The other pups from their litters are heading to the East Coast on Saturday. It's a bit of an adventure, this trip. I've been taking pups to their new homes out there for 6 years, this is the first time going in February and I'm hoping the weather cooperates while I experience my first Lobster Crawl in Nova Scotia.

Last year I retired/spayed 5 females and this year I am looking at 3 (one already spayed) who will then be rehomed.

Spring is coming. So is the mud and my massive clean up that happens every year. :)

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