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This is winter?

This season sure has been up and down and all over the place with what it's thrown at us. But, Spring is almost here!

Christmas Day saw me busy whelping out Terra with 12 pups :O who have all made it, successfully to 8 weeks and have started leaving for their new homes.

I'm not at home as much through the day right now, which makes it harder for me to do my East Coast trips (which I love to do). Thankfully, I've found some professional haulers to take pups to their new homes across Canada and Mindy is the first to make her trip East with ThatDeafGuyTransport. They go from BC to Newfoundland so a great option for those wanting a pup. I simply can not condone the airlines and their lack of professionalism when it comes to transporting pups anymore.

I will not be breeding for winter pups anymore. The first litter due in 2023 is Pi (to ZsaZsu), who is due around the end of March, making her pups ready in May. Her first litter was just spectacular, but as she is a daughter of Nebula, that isn't a surprise. I've just moved June to ZsaZsu for the next litter; she is a descendant of Vega and Sabrina is just finishing with Jr. There will be plenty of pups to pick from for the summer.

There are a few females retiring; Terra will be spayed next month. She is a long coat that loves to be brushed and isn't very big. She does LOVE her bones so I'd prefer she went to a home that feeds raw and bones for her. She does get along with other dogs UNLESS she has bones.

Any questions, please feel free to reach out :) have a great day! And happy Family Day Weekend!

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