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Bare with me, the move to this new host meant that I lost everything I had posted on the other site (thanks Vista).

So, as I am working on bringing the site back up, be sure to take note of a few pups that have been posted. Mom is Tracy, a lovely silver/white female, and dad is Xavier, my lovely senior dark sable male. I just love the Xavier pups, they are so fancy and full of mischief-perfect little furries.

It's been a crazy couple of years, between Covid and taking over these incredible dogs fully on my own has not been without its challenges. And I have one, VERY big challenge yet to take on over the next year but one I am very excited about.

I kind of like this blog addition, I hope it will give everyone a chance to check out and learn more about me, my family, and these amazing dogs.

Stay safe everyone, talk soon.

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